A Confession
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This quest is triggered after you have completed the Traffik quest for Fat Larry, the weapons dealer near the parking garage. When you bring him the briefcase, Larry will tell you that the owner of Club Confession could use someone with your "mad skills" and that you should speak to her about a job. It should also be noted, though, that with a slick tongue you can get this quest directly from Venus without having to be referred by Larry first.

Club Confession is a straight shot down the road behind Larry and his truck. Head inside and speak to the bartender, who turns out to be Venus Dare, the owner. She'll seem slightly surprised that you're the "Action Jackson" that Larry mentioned, but will explain that she needs you to inform a certain group of Russians that they won't be getting paid this month. The Russians in question are in the parking lot next to the Empire Hotel, so that's where you're headed next.

When you arrive at the parking lot, you'll find three Russian thugs impatiently waiting. Speak to Igor, the leader, and he'll immediately inquire about the money that is owed to them. With enough Persuasion or Intimidate, you can convince Igor that Venus should be given another month before having to pay. Otherwise, if you'd rather not negotiate with thugs, you can simply kill them. They're all armed with Thirtyeights and shouldn't prove to be much of a fight. Just be careful when using any disciplines, lest you break the Masquerade. Either way nets you one point of Experience.

Venus will invite you to her private office when you return and you'll receive two points of Experience as soon as you speak to her. She'll offer you another job to kill a man named Boris, who provided her the loan to originally open up Club Confession. Apparently, she's tired of having nookie with the guy in order to get him to overlook her late payments and offers you a share of the club if you take him out permanently. If you want to be a silent partner in Club Confession, then the And Her Name Was Venus quest is for you.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation in conversation with Igor to make him attack the two thugs next to him. They'll retaliate and kill him, thus finishing the quest.