Dead Ex
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When you first arrive in the Hollywood district, pay a visit to Isaac through the back entrance of the Abrams Golden Age Jewelry store. He'll explain that he recently purchased an item, but the seller has become paranoid about delivering it. Isaac wants you to visit the Ground 0 Internet Cafe to check for an email from the seller about a possible drop location for the item. You'll be provided with the email password, Kafka, then sent on your way.

The Ground 0 Internet Cafe is down the street on the right side of the road. Go inside, then head toward the back of the main room. Grab the The Cowboy's Guide to Cyberspace by Case manual on one of the computer desks, then move to the computer with "NOOB CAMPER" scrawled above it. Using the password Isaac told you (Kafka), log into the 'email' application and read the email that states to meet the seller in the alley behind the Fast Buck.

Leave the Internet Cafe and hang a right, making your way to the Fast Buck just up ahead on your left. Go to the back alley and speak with the frantic man behind the building. He denies that he knows Isaac at first, but with a little pressing he admits that he was indeed selling Isaac a tape, but no longer has it. He mentions something about "Ginger Swans", but then runs off - only to be taken into the sewer system by some unseen creature. It's not much to go on, but return to Isaac with what news you do have.

Isaac knows what the "Ginger Swans" clue is all about. According to his story, there was an extremely attractive actress with that name who died back in the 50's. He even goes on to mention that some men still cry at her gravestone to this day, which hints to the fact that a graveyard may be nearby. Leave the jewelry store and move to the other side of the district, where you'll eventually come across a walkway leading to an alley behind some sort of cathedral. Grab the debris covering the hole in the stone fence and sneak through to the cemetary on the other side.

Follow the path through the cemetary until it ends in front of a large mausoleum. Enter the structure, then begin searching through all the crypts until you find Ginger's. If your character has a couple of ranks in Inspection, then the crypt should be glowing with the typical blue haze. Open it up and grab the Horror Tape Part 1, then exit the mausoleum and begin heading toward the damaged wall that you entered. If you're up for another quest while you're here, pay a visit to the larger building in the center of the cemetary. The caretaker, Romero, will offer you the You Only Die Once a Night quest, and if you refuse, you can instead partake in the Pimpin' For Romero quest.

Return to Isaac and he'll express his gratitude and even offer an apology for the way he talked to you earlier. He'll then pop the tape in and you'll get a good (yet gory) view of what's on it from his plasma TV hanging on the wall. What does this snuff film have to do with tracking down the Nosferatu? Isaac explains that the Nosferatu went into seclusion around the same time this snuff film hit the streets, so he thinks they're connected. Unfortunately, you only brought him the first half of the tape, so he wants you to track down the second portion to find out what else can be learned from the entire tape. This will open up a new quest called Snuff is Enough.