Eye Gouge Hell
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This quest is obtained by talking to Mr. Ox, the strange man behind the counter in The White Cloud on Chinatown's main street. Mr. Ox prides himself in having everything a person would want for sale in his store. However, he will tell you a story about a man named Lin who was employed to steal an emerald, but did not want to depart with it once it was in his possession. The man who hired him didn't feel the same way, and now Lin is dead. Mr. Ox does not have a set of "ambitious eyes" in his store, so he asks you to "harvest" them from Lin's corpse in a freezer at the back of a local noodle shop.

To obtain the eyes, go across the street to the Chiki Mei-Mei noodle shop. The front door is locked, but you need a negligible amount of lockpicking skill to get in. However, the door just inside the front door requires a lockpick skill of 10+. If lockpicking isn't your thing, move around to the back of the building and use the back door. Regardless of how you entered, kill or sneak by the two guards in the back room and then move into the freezer. Lin's body lies lifeless on the floor, so pluck out his Eyes for two points of Experience.

With the eyeballs in your possession, go back across the street to The White Cloud and hand them over to Mr. Ox. You'll be awarded with $150 in cash and two more points of Experience. Additionally, Mr. Ox will offer you another job, which will activate the Bad Luck Farmer quest.