Elizabethan Rendezvous
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After you've told Prince LaCroix about your victory over the Sabbat Warehouse in the Explosive Beginning quest, he will tell you about a ship called the Elizabeth Dane that was transporting a tomb called the Ankaran Sarcophagus. You're given the task to examine the Ankaran Sarcophagus, find out what the police have learned about it, and snatch the cargo manifest for the ship to find out what else it was carrying. And, during the course of the investigation, you are not to harm any of the police officers on the ship. Once you've accepted the mission, the Prince will also inquire about your run-in with Nines Rodriguez and ask that you find out what the Anarch wants to speak with you about at The Last Round bar.

Take the street to the right until you reach The Last Round bar. Go inside, then take the flight of stairs up to the second floor. Once you've been "welcomed" by the guy at the top of the stairs, talk with Nines to get some advice and to learn all about the Camarilla, the Anarchs, and the Prince.

Once you've heard enough from Nines, return to the Santa Monica district and make your way to the pier. A boat will be awaiting your arrival just off the beach, so hop in it and you'll instantly take off for the Elizabeth Dane. Once there, take the rope ladder up the side of the ship and climb aboard. The police officer nearby has been paid off to allow a reporter on the ship, so if you have enough persuasion or intimidation, exploit this fact to make him believe you're the reporter he's waiting for. If you're successful, the officer will give you the Police Report you needed and you'll earn a point of Experience. Additionally, he'll call off the guard at the security room and another guard on Gangway A, which will allow you to get there without having to pick any locks. He'll even tell you the password for the control application at the computer upstairs (lighthouse).

Do as the police officer says and head down Gangway A once the guard is called off. A door in the hallway will take you upstairs to the computer room. Read the log files if you wish (password: AntonioBay), then go into the control application (password: lighthouse). Here you can unlock all the doors, turn the cameras on, sound the horn, or start the ship's engines. First, unlock all doors, then turn the cameras on. Cycle through the monitor on the right side of the computer to view the Ankaran Sarcophagus to earn yourself a point of Experience.

Leave the control room via the door across from the one you entered and take the ladder down to the ground floor. Head into the next room, marked "Records Room". In here, you'll be able to obtain the Ship Manifest off the table to earn another point of Experience. If you've done everything right so far, you'll have all three objectives completed for Prince LaCroix. If you're still missing the Police Report, don't worry. You can find another copy out among the cargo, although you'll have to be pretty sneaky to grab it without any hostility. Once you have completed all three objectives, backtrack to the rope ladder to return to your boat, then hoof it back to the Ventrue Tower.

Before you can enter the Ventrue Tower, the girl that you fed your blood to in the Medical Clinic (if you ever did) will come running up to you and hand you a Silver Ring. Her name is Heather and she will explain that she's been looking all over for you. She wants to help you in any way she can and would like to stay at your Haven - if you'll let her. I highly recommend giving her the green light, then visit her on a regular basis to receive money and, eventually, the most powerful armor in the game - Body Armor. Tell her to meet you at your Haven, then continue on with your business in the Ventrue Tower.

Have the guard buzz the elevator (or enter through the sewers, if you're a Nosferatu), then take it up to the Prince's floor. You'll witness several members of the Primogen leaving when you enter LaCroix's chamber, after which you can report to him about your findings. The Prince will take the Ship Manifest and Police Report from you, which will earn you two points of Experience. He'll then tell you a bit about the Primogen that were just leaving his chamber and explain that one of them is missing - the Malkavian Primogen, Dr. Aleister Grout. This will obviously lead to your next quest, Calling Dr. Grout, in which you'll need to locate the eccentric vampire. Before starting the next quest, though, I recommend paying Nines Rodriguez another visit. If you choose the right dialogue options, Nines will teach you a rank in Melee skill.

If your character is a Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Toreador, or Ventrue... and you're able to complete all three objectives on the ship without killing a police officer, Prince LaCroix will hook you up with a new Haven in the Skyline Apartments (apt. #4). All your things from the previous Haven are instantly transferred to the new location. In addition, three fresh Blood Packs and a casing of shotgun rounds should be waiting for you when you turn up.

If your character is a Malkavian... you can use Dementation during your conversation with the police officer to make him believe that you are the reporter he is waiting for. This will get you the report and Experience, just like Persuasion or Intimidate would have.