Missing Data
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I orginally thought this quest was only available to the Nosferatu clan, but I've since received many emails that all of the other clans can indeed get it (though this may require that you've installed one of the later "unofficial" patches). After emerging from the Nosferatu Warrens toward the end of the The Epic of the Ankaran Sarcophagus quest, check your Haven to find an email from Bertram Tung requesting you to come by and see him. Pay a visit to the Sunco Gasoline tank to learn that Bertram is looking for a data CD that resides somewhere in Hollywood's Nosferatu Warrens.

Luckily, you don't have to traverse the first four levels of the Warrens. Use the tunnel in the Hollywood cemetary to reach Gary's room on the fifth floor, then backtrack to the very beginning of this level (near the dock). Take the left tunnel until you reach a couch with a television set lying on top of it. The CD-ROM you need will be lying right next to it on the floor.

With the CD in hand, return to the streets of Hollywood and take a cab or use the sewer system to get back to Santa Monica. When you stop by to see Bertram again, he's very happy to learn that you found his CD. So happy, in fact, that he'll teach you how to use computers. This will get you another rank in Computer Knowledge, on top of the point of Experience you gain at the quest's completion.