Anarchs Ending
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If you're sick of Prince LaCroix using you, don't trust the Kuei-jin, and and don't feel that the Camarilla have enough to offer, then you can tell the cab driver at the completion of the Out For Blood quest that you want to side with the Anarchs. Keep in mind that you have to meet all the requirements previously listed for the dialogue options, though.

The mysterious cab driver drops you off at the Lucky Star Hotel. Walk into the courtyard, then take the stairs up on your right. Damsel will be standing outside room #1, and won't let you in until you indulge her with a bit of conversation. Once she's satisfied that you're sincere in your attempt to join the Anarchs, she'll let you in to see Nines Rodgriguez, who apparently survived the fight with the Werewolf in Griffith Park.

Nines doesn't look good, but neither does the Werewolf's decapitated head lying on the bed. He'll explain that you were both set up to die in the park and the only suspects are Prince LaCroix and Ming Xiao. Since Nines is in bad shape, he wants you to get some payback for the both of you. Your first task is to kill Ming Xiao, which will trigger the Ming Must Die! quest.

Once Ming Xiao has fallen, the cab driver will bring you to the Ventrue Tower to finish off Prince LaCroix as well. You'll find all the information you need to take the Prince down in the LaCroix Must Die! section.

Even though you just wiped out his entire tower, the Prince is arrogant enough to demand the key to the Ankaran Sarcohpagus from you. After you refuse, a cutscene will begin that shows your character slice LaCroix's throat with the ankh lying on his desk. At this point, you can either give LaCroix the key or open the sarcophagus yourself. Either way, you're in for an "explosive" ending. Congratulations on finishing the game!