Fun With Pestilence
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While investigating the A Plague For the Angels quest for Maximillian Strauss, Damsel over in The Last Round bar will tell you about a Kindred called the Plaguebearer that is spreading the disease around the city. She suggests that you either talk with some nearby bums or with a ghoul in the Skyline Apartments to find out more about the Plaguebearer.

If you choose to pursue Paul the ghoul, run over to the Skyline Apartments and head up to the fifth floor (the mailboxes give away where Paul lives). Luckily, the door to the apartment is open, but you won't be getting much information out of Paul since he's lying dead on the floor of his kitchen. Listen to the answering machine to hear another infected human named Hannah ask Paul bring some cough medicine up to her apartment on the sixth floor.

Take the elevator up another floor and enter Hannah's apartment using the pass code she mentioned on the answering machine (1203). Upon entering, grab the Safe Key behind the case to your left, then go upstairs to the bedroom. Hannah is lying in bed and will be quite startled when you arrive. Tell her that you're a doctor and she'll mention that a client of hers might have given her the disease. When you press her for what type of work she does, she'll hide it from you, but with a little Persuasion, Intimidate, or Seduction, you'll be able to get the info out of her. As it turns out, she's a professional escort and was "hired" by a woman named Jezebel Locke. A little more questioning and you'll learn that Jezebel Locke is staying in a room at the Empire Hotel, which will earn you a point of Experience. If you're not able to get this information out of Hannah herself, search her closet to find an appointment book that will give you all the same information and further the quest just as if Hannah had told you. Before leaving the apartment, open the safe here in the bedroom with the Safe Key you acquired downstairs to find an envelope with $200 in it.

Make your way over to the Empire Hotel and speak to the clerk at the front desk. When you inquire about Jezebel Locke, he will tell you that she is one of their more "popular" guests, but won't give up the key to her room without some Persuasion or Intimidation. If you convince him to give you the key, you'll immediately earn one point of Experience. If not, sneak into the room behind the clerk's desk and use the key machine to create your own for Jezebel's room. Once you have a key, take the elevator up to the fifth floor.

Go down the right hallway on the fifth floor and enter Room 4. You'll immediately enter a conversation with Jezebel, but it won't last long. After a few dialogue choices, she'll come after you with a Knife and a few choice Disciplines. Once you've bested her, you'll immediately receive a point of Experience and a Masquerade Redemption. In addition, you can grab a Finance Manual from one of the desks in the room. With Jezebel out of the way, return to Damsel and report the good news.

Damsel will explain that there are more Plaguebearers and that they're all part of some doomsday cult. You'll need to continue looking for additional Plaguebearers, so this time go speak with the bums around the city. You'll eventually find one that wants to talk, although he may want some cash to do so. Use Persuasion or Intimidate to get out of paying him, or simply give him the $20 that he wants. Once you've "lubricated his vocal cords", he'll tell you about a guy named Tin Can Bill who apparently got sick from some sort of monster. Tin Can Bill can be found in the alley across from The Last Round, so that's where you'll want to make tracks to next.

Mr. Bill doesn't look too good when you find him. With the promise of $5 when the conversation ends, Tin Can will tell you about a monster that took him into the sewers and spread the disease to him through a bite to the neck. Before you can get anymore information, though, Bill dies on the spot. Continue down this alley until you reach a manhole and enter the sewers.

Pick the lock of the door at the end of the first sewer tunnel you enter and move through the smaller tunnels beyond. You'll eventually drop down into a large room that is obviously the home of the Plaguebearer. Move up to where the body hangs on the wall and the Plaguebearer will materialize before you. You'll be enlightened to a conversation, where you'll learn that this "Brother Kanker" is part of something called the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle. Combat is inevitable, though, so be prepared. Once Kanker falls, he will drop a Brotherhood Flyer. Pick it up for a point of Experience, then return to the surface by going through the water system and up a manhole.

Incidentally, if you'd like to follow the leads on Jezebel and Brother Kanker without ever speaking to Damsel, you will be rewarded with one point of Experience for speaking to Tin Can Bill and another point for killing Brother Kanker. These two points of Experience are in addition to the point given for claiming the flyer.

Damsel in The Last Round will tell you that she's seen the symbol on the flyer in the neighborhood on one of the buildings. Sure enough, the building right across from the Tremere chantry is marked with the same symbol. You can't access the building from the front door, but there is a side entrance that will get you in. A man behind a fence just inside the first room will ask if you are "enlightened", so hand him the flyer for one point of Experience and then make your way upstairs to see the Bishop.

Speak to the girl on the second floor to learn more about the Bishop and the Brotherhood in general, then continue up to the third floor. The rest of this building is infested with a seemingly infinite number of zombies. They even eat brains like the movies, so use ranged weapons to take them out. Focus on their head to kill them instantly. At the end of the third level, you'll need to drop down two levels through decayed holes in the floor.

At the end of this lower level, you will reach a pair of doors. Prepare yourself for a very tough battle, then open the doors to confront Bishop Vick. After a sick and twisted conversation with the demented vampire, you'll enter combat with him. Between his Utica M37 shotgun and proficient use of Celerity, Vick can prove to be somewhat difficult. Navigate through the broken walls to cover yourself from his shotgun blasts and fire between them until he finally dies. You'll earn two points of Experience when Vick falls and will be instantly transported to the building's entrance.

Return to Damsel one last time and let her know all the Plaguebearers are dead for a point of Experience and a Masquerade Redemption. Nice work!