Hot Stripper Assassin Action!
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During your time in the Hollywood district, you'll no doubt pay a visit to the Vesuvius gentleman's club. Near the bar inside, you'll enter a conversation with a vampiric stripper named Velvet Volour. With a little Seduction skill, you can convince Velvet to bring you to the VIP Room upstairs for a more private discussion. Once upstairs, Velvet will tell you that the Hollywood Kindred have been under surveillance by vampire hunters for quite some time. In fact, a hunter named Chastity was even working at the Vesuvius until recently. Apparently, VV found a weapon in her locker and fired her, but Chastity continues to stake out the club... and VV.

If you offer to help Velvet with her hunter problem, she'll tell you that Chastity now works as a dancer at the Sin Bin and that you can recognize her by her hair (blonde on top) and broken heart tattoo on the small of her back. Before you "fix" the problem, though, Velvet warns that you must first lure the other dancers and patrons away to avoid betraying the Masquerade.

Once inside the Sin Bin, Flynn will admit that Chastity works there and that she's currently downstairs dancing. She won't do a private show, though, unless all the other patrons are gone, so that's going to be your best bet to victory. Take the stairs into the basement "Peep Show" section of the Sin Bin. Pick the lock on the door marked "Manager" (skill level of 5 required), grab the Fancy Watch on the cabinet, then log into the 'peepshow' application on the computer (password: sinner) and lock down the windows. When you run the "lockdown" command, you'll notice that Window 1 shows is unavailable and therefore stays open. Unfortunately, that booth still has a customer in it, so you're going to have to make him leave to use it. Go outside the window and pick the lock (skill level of 6 required) on the change machine and take the $150 inside (you can simply bash the front of the machine with your sledgehammer too, if your lockpick skills are insufficient). This will keep the final patron from getting anymore money for the peep show and he'll eventually leave.

When the last patron is long gone, pick the lock of the Employees Only door (skill level of 5 required) and pay a visit to Chastity in the dancing room. She'll instantly attack with a large sword, which she's quite proficient with. The easiest way to complete the kill successfully (without making any noise, as Velvet requested) is to simply feed on Chastity until she's dead. As soon as she falls, you'll earn two points of Experience. Grab the Crossbow from the pile of clothes in the changing room, then return to Velvet at the Vesuvius club and tell her the good news.

Velvet will be very pleased with the hunter's death, as long as you did so quietly and without ending the lives of any innocents. You'll be awarded one point of Experience and will open yourself up to another quest called B-Rated Writer.