Explosive Beginning
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After finishing the Surf's Up quest, Mercurio will ask you to use the Astrolite to destroy a warehouse being used by the Sabbat. The only problem is that Bertram Tung, the only person who might be able to get you in, is currently hiding because of a feud he's having with Therese Voerman, the owner of The Asylum.

So... first things first. Head on over to The Asylum where you'll immediately enter conversation with Jeanette, Therese's sister. Enjoy the eye candy and flirting, then talk with the bald scary guy behind the bar and let him know that you're here to see Therese (tell him you're here for the bartending position, if you can...). He'll send you up to the second floor via the elevator.

Upon reaching the second floor, you'll overhear Therese and Jeanette having a bit of a spat. Use this time to grab the Gold Ring on the floor and check out the newspaper if you haven't already done so (triggering the Carnival of Death quest). Once the argument is over, head inside and speak with Therese to learn why she hates Bertram Tung so much and that the only way she'll sweep her grievances under the rug is if you take care of a spirit that is haunting a property of hers. This will activate the The Ghost Haunts at Midnight quest.

After retrieving the pendant from the Ocean House Hotel, return to The Asylum to be given another quest called Slashterpiece. Carry out Jeanette's bidding at the Gallery Noir if you wish, then return once again to The Asylum to receive yet another quest called Bad Blood. This quest will move into the Sibling Rivalry quest, after which you will be back on track for the Explosive Beginning quest. Whew!

Now that you've been given the opportunity to meet with Bertram Tung, head down the street from The Asylum to the Sunco Gasoline facility where you'll find the Nosferatu hiding out in an old oil tank. He'll provide you with some specifics about the warehouse and the Sabbat that are using it, then offer to take you to it so that you can plant the Astrolite and take it down. Gear up before you go, then tell Bertram you're ready.

The warehouse is going to be the first major combat zone you've experienced so far. There are some opportunities to be stealthy, but you're most likely going to have to do some killing to make it through alive. After dispatching the first thug you come across, go into the main room and hang a left to find a crate containing six rounds of .38 Ammo. Continue on through the back door or through the broken section of wall by moving the wooden plank in front of it. Feast upon the bum if you're in need of blood, but then head back behind the building where a crate of 12 Gauge Tubefeed can be found for your shotgun.

Next, you'll find yourself taking down a couple more thugs while weaving in and out of the stationary train cars. If you have a lockpick skill of 4 or higher, though, don't move to the next building just yet. The door on one of the railcars can be picked, and inside you'll be able to score some more .38 Ammo. Beyond that railcar are a couple of thugs playing cards that you can easily sneak up on for the surprise attack. Continue on into the next building, where another crate of 12 Gauge Tubefeed awaits you at the top of some stairs. From there, make your way across a fenced-in yard to another building that requires lockpicking (although only minimal skill is required) to score even more shells for your shotgun.

Move through the tunnel section beyond this building to find a lone thug defending a locked door (lockpick skill of 3 required). This door will get you in behind the group of thugs guarding the upper level (incidentally, you can also come through the opposite way, take the rafters over, and use the controls to drop the large cargo container on top of them). Take them out whichever way you'd like, then proceed upstairs to the second office where you'll be able to plant the Astrolite within the desk. Once planted, you'll only have three minutes to escape, so take out all nearby thugs first.

As soon as the timer on the explosive starts, run back downstairs to face-off with a Ghoul that has entered the warehouse, then quickly backtrack to get out of the warehouse as fast as you can. You'll actually run into a locked door and a second Ghoul if you take the route I did, so be prepared for some more tough fighting. As soon as you reach the first building (where the bum was standing), the warehouse will explode and you'll unexpectedly be approached by a Gangrel named Beckett. All indications are that this is the same Beckett (a famous Noddist) from the pen n' paper RPG system.

Beckett will provide a few details as to why he's come to Santa Monica, but you really don't glean a whole lot of information from him at this point. Rest assured, you'll be meeting with him again. Once your conversation has concluded with Beckett, you'll be returned to the old oil tank at the Sunco Gasoline facility and will be required to head to the Downtown district to report your actions to Prince LaCroix in the Ventrue Tower.

One you've arrived in Downtown, pay a visit to the Ventrue Tower. If you killed the police officer guarding Gallery Noir during the Slashterpiece quest, the guard here at the Ventrue Tower desk will tell you that his brother was killed. You will get the chance to waste both brothers, if you wish, later in the game, so just tell the guard you want to see LaCroix and then take the elevator up to the "PH" floor.

Once you've told LaCroix that the Sabbat Warehouse has been destroyed, he will express his gratitude, after which you will be given a point of Experience and this quest will come to a close. You can also call Mercurio's loss of the Astrolite out to the Prince, which will get the agent "punished". If you want to buy weaponry from Mercurio in the future, though, I wouldn't recommend saying anything to LaCroix. Now that the Explosive Beginning quest is complete, the Prince will ask you to investigate a ship called the Elizabeth Dane, which will trigger the Elizabethan Rendezvous quest.

If your character is a Gangrel... you get the option of asking Beckett to show you how to change into a wolf (as he does) but, unlike the extra point in Brawl you can get from Nines Rodriguez later in the game, Beckett will explain that Protean is a discipline and comes from blood, not from training.

If your character is a Nosferatu... the guard at the desk in the Ventrue Tower will flip out when he sees your appearance. You're not going to be able to take the standard elevator, but there's one in the basement that you can use. To get there, you'll either have to come up through the sewers or have a lockpick skill of 10+ to get through the door leading downstairs.