Come Into My Parlor
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After you have dealt with Johnny during the Dragon's Tail quest, a man will appear on his television set. He'll tell you that his name is "The Mandarin" and that he is holding Barabus hostage at the Fu Syndicate building here in Chinatown. That's obviously your next stop, so leave the club (using stealth, if you can) and head on over there.

You can't miss the Fu Syndicate building - it's the large corporate building near the starting point in Chinatown. Go through any of the front doors, then hang a left into the conference room. The Mandarin will appear on the television and tell you to walk through the doors beyond if you want to see Barabus. This is obviously a trap of some kind, but you don't have any other choice.

The double doors lead to a platform that begins rising when you step on it. The Mandarin will begin speaking to you through an intercom, after which the platform will stop and gas will start billowing into the room. This is the first of a series of tests The Mandarin will be subjecting you to. Apparently, he's trying to find the most efficient way to kill "your kind". The gas fills the room full of carbon monoxide so that normal human respiration cannot take place, so The Mandarin is satisfied that you are indeed undead.

The second test is ultraviolet light to subject you to moderate UV radiation, but the test has no effect on you. Move to the next chamber to find several laser beams moving throughout the room. This is an easy test, since all you have to do is crouch down and take your time moving through them. If you do get hit by a laser, it will only cause some damage so it's not that big of a deal. The fourth test is a series of whirling blades which can be stopped by shooting the electrical panels behind the grates at the far side of the room. Once all the blades are stopped, The Mandarin will ask you to move to the next room.

The next test is to verify if a myth surrounding vampires is true - that the holy cross causes damage. A man donning an environmental suit will be standing in the next room, and will hold out a cross toward your direction. This obviously has no effect, so blast the guy for being ignorant enough to participate in The Mandarin's tests. Before you can move on to the next room, though, The Mandarin sends in a team of soldiers equipped with riot gear and Utica M37 shotguns. Go up the ladder and take them all out, then come back down to prepare for the next test.

As a more drastic approach, The Mandarin tries to subject you to electricity. The next room contains four platforms in a pool of water, with electrical coils emitting a dangerous amount of current down to them. You can try hopping from platform to platform, but the easiest way to complete this test is to simply shoot the coils and render them useless. Once you've done so, move to the next room.

The seventh and final test is fire and you can use this test to your advantage. Along the walls of the next room are flamethrowers and fuel tanks. Instead of trying to navigate the flames, just shoot one of the fuel tanks. This will cause all of them to explode and the window protecting The Mandarin to shatter. Jump up through the broken window and kill the two soldiers guarding The Mandarin's escape. Move through the hallway and take the first door on the left. A stairway will lead you down to a storage area where The Mandarin awaits with a Braddock 9mm uzi. Take your frustrations out on his skull, then grab the cell key from his corpse to release Barabus in the room just beyond.

As soon as you speak to Barabus, you will earn three points of Experience for finding him (as part of the I Spy Barabus quest) and another two points of Experience for completing this quest.