The Regent's Riddle
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On the desk in your Haven, you will find an invitation from a Tremere Regent named "M. Strauss". The invitation contains the following riddle...

Dark blood, our curse, a light this verse
Such power I sense in one so young
Come find me where burns the mystical sun.

As soon as you read the invitation, this quest will be triggered. The riddle refers to a building with a purple sun at its peak, which you'll find not far from Hotel Hollowbrook in the Downtown district. Go inside, then take the hallway to the right. This will bring you to a small library containing a book called Thaumaturgical Creatures. Snatch the tome for a quick reference about gargoyles, as you'll be facing one during the Gargoyle Removal Service quest later in the game.

Backtrack to the entrance and instead head left down the hallway. The halls of this chantry are magical and are designed to always lead you to the same place - the chamber of Maximillian Strauss. When you reach the Tremere's chambers, speak with him to earn one point of Experience and to complete this quest. If you choose to look into the city's disease problem for him, then you'll trigger the A Plague For the Angels quest.