Dragon's Tail
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While working on the Original Gangster quest, Zhao will tell you that the leader of the Tong, Johnny, is involved with the disappearance of the Nosferatu agent Barabus. Zhao will mention that Johnny resides in a second floor office at the Glaze club and that the only way to gain entrance to the club is by using a pass code (725).

The Glaze club has two entrances, and I highly recommend taking the door located in a dark stretch of alley not far from the Lotus Blossom. The door is completely unmarked, so you'll only be able to identify it by the pass code panel outside (and the music coming from within). Using the pass code Zhao gave you, move inside. If you took the door I mentioned, you'll actually be located right at the stairs up to Johnny's office. Otherwise, you'll be in the main floor of the club.

If you have a decent amount of Sneaking, then I highly recommend taking a stealthy approach up to Johnny's office since it will be much easier overall. Otherwise, you're going to have to enter combat with a large number of Tong, some of which are armed with Lassiter Killmatic machine guns and Utica M37 shotguns. Take it slow and go through the two double doors that lead to Johnny himself. This will earn you five points of Experience, regardless of whether or not you took the stealthy or combat approach.

When you arrive in his office, Johnny starts tossing insults at you and won't reveal the location of Barabus. It won't be long before an unknown man pops onto Johnny's plasma TV and tells him to kill you. Kill Johnny with a few well-placed shots to the head for two points of Experience, then speak to the man on the television set to learn that he has been observing you since you entered Chinatown. He goes by the nickname "The Mandarin' and asks you to pay him a visit at the Fu Syndicate building, where he claims to be holding Barabus hostage. This conversation will trigger the Come Into My Parlor quest. If you used stealth to get up to Johnny, then you should be able to use stealth to get back out. Otherwise, you've probably already laid waste to the Tong between here and the door.