The Enemy of My Enemy
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Once you're finished with the Hell at the Hotel Hallowbrook quest, Prince LaCroix asks you to be his emissary to negotiate an alliance with the Anarchs. On your way to The Last Round, though, the Gangrel historian Beckett approaches you and warns you not to open the Ankaran Sarcophagus. He doesn't really give you a good reason why, only that destruction will be wrought if and when it is opened. After thanking Beckett for the warning, he assumes wolf form and disappears down an alleyway.

When you arrive at The Last Round, ask Damsel about Nines' whereabouts. She'll obviously be upset at you for causing the blood hunt on Mr. Rodriguez, but after she hears about a proposed alliance with the Prince, she reveals that Nines is hiding out at Griffith Park. After receiving two points of Experience for getting this information, catch a cab or make use of the sewer system to travel to the park.

Enter the shack at the entrance to Griffith Park and take the tram up to the top. You'll immediately enter a conversation with Nines about the proposed alliance with Prince LaCroix, after which you'll receive two points of Experience. Before the discussion can go very far, however, a fire starts in the forest behind you and Nines desperately wants to leave. He mentions something about this area being "Werewolf country", and is then suddenly snatched away by a charging Werewolf. Another Werewolf emerges from the forest and begins charging at you as well. Since the tram just began its descent to the lower park shack, you have four minutes to stall the beast before you can leave.

The Werewolf is extremely powerful - it is totally invulnerable to all of your attacks and each swing of its claws causes a ridiculous amount of damage. Sound bad? It is. The only two ways to get past the Werewolf is to either evade it for the full four minutes until the tram arrives or smash it in the stone observatory doors. Neither of these options is very easy, but the second method will net you four points of Experience, so I recommend taking that route if you can live through it.

Assuming you want to kill the Werewolf, run to the small shed next to the observatory building. You can get to the shed by crouching through a tear in the chain link fence or by moving through the observatory itself. Once you're at the shed, flip the power switch on the outside wall.

Now that the obseratory has power, run into the building's main room and take the stairs up to the platform. Flip the switch here to open the large observatory doors and then wait for the Werewolf to jump up and try to get at you through the door opening. Once it does, flip the switch again to crush the Werewolf and earn yourself four points of Experience. With the Werewolf threat taken care of, make your way to the tram at your leisure and take it down to the lower shack for four more points of Experience.

Once you leave the lower shack, you're approached by Jack, the same guy you had to deal with in the game's tutorial and on the second floor of The Last Round. Jack gives you no choice - he makes you jump in with him and he drives you back to your original haven in Santa Montica. When you arrive, Jack explains that Prince LaCroix has issued a blood hunt on you for being "in league with the Kuei-jin". This will trigger a new quest called Out For Blood. Jack tells you that he has hooked you up with a cab driver by the Brothers Salvage junkyard that will take you wherever you want to go, but you're going to have to hack your way through all the vampires participating in the blood hunt to get there.