The Making of a Ghoul
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During your initial visit to Santa Monica's Medical Clinic (most likely during the The Pain of Being Mercurio quest), speak to the guy named Knox just outside the main door to learn about ghouls and their servitude toward their vampire creator. This will trigger an extra dialogue choice with the wounded woman lying on the operating table in Room 1 just inside the first floor of the clinic. When you speak to her, you're given the choice to save her life by feeding her some of your blood. This will earn you a point of Humanity, but also opens up an unlogged quest later in the game.

When you return to the Ventrue Tower at the end of the Elizabethan Rendezvous quest, Heather will be waiting for you outside. After thanking you for saving her life, she'll tell you that she can't stop thinking about you and that she has been looking for you everywhere. Although it sounds a bit obsessive, Heather is in fact becoming a ghoul due to your actions back at the clinic. She'll do anythimg for you (well, almost anything...), so keep her around. Tell her to wait for you back at your Haven, then pay her a visit from time to time.

If you are pleasant to her, Heather brings you gifts in the form of money ($20 right away and another $500 later on), items (a Silver Ring), and even an unsuspecting human for your feasting pleasure. Although it may not sound like much, you don't want to miss out on Heather's gifts. She is the only place in the game that you can obtain the Body Armor, which turns out to be the best armor in the game.

Since there are other quests to obtain via your email, I highly recommend visiting your Haven and speaking to Heather on a regular basis (after each "main" quest, if you have time). The most important visit you can make to her is after the Society For the Preservation of Professors quest, which will earn you the Body Armor (but only if you've been nice to her so far, and only if you haven't already spoken with LaCroix and received the next quest). If you wait until after your conversation with the Prince and the triggering of the Hell at Hotel Hallowbrook quest, you'll be too late. During the quest, the Sabbat will kidnap her and you'll witness her being murdered during a cutscene inside the hotel. Thus, no armor. If you decided to send her away before this happens, though, you can earn a point of Humanity.

If you're looking for some variety during your Haven visits, you can also request that Heather change her "look", which includes both her outfit and her hair. There are three different outfits that she wears - a gold shirt and jeans, a gothic shirt and leather pants, and a blue shirt and panties. She may not look quite as good as Jeanette, but she'll still add a nice level of eye candy to your place and won't pester you with multiple personalities.