Snuff is Enough
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This quest is triggered after you have completed the Dead Ex quest for Isaac Abrams. Since you only have the first half of the snuff film, Isaac will ask you to find the other portion by first talking with the local smut peddlers for a lead on its whereabouts. The obvious place to begin is the Sin Bin, Hollywood's adult video store and peep show extravaganza located across from the Fast Buck.

Inside the Sin Bin, you'll meet Flynn, the proprietor of the establishment. Ask him what he knows about Death Mask Productions, the creators of the snuff film you watched at Isaac's. It won't be long before Flynn starts getting a little spooked by your inquiries about Death Mask Productions, so you'll have to turn to Persuasion or Intimidate to get the information out of him. With a little prodding, Flynn will tell you that one of the guys from DMP calls a payphone just down the street and says "The moon is a mysterious mistress...", after which you're supposed to say "...who walks the night with demons of dread." You'll get two points of Experience for getting this info.

Make your way down the street to the Red Spot convenience store, where you'll hear the nearby payphone ringing. Pick it up and follow Flynn's instructions for what to say. You'll be told to come to the Luckee Star Hotel, room #2.

Run down to the Lucky Star and go through the double doors into the main courtyard. Room #2 is located on the second floor, where you'll find an Internet Cafe Key, a Gold Ring, and plenty of blood stains. Grab the key, but don't leave for the Ground 0 Internet Cafe just yet. If you're still doing the Mudd Hunt quest that started back in Santa Monica, you'll want to take a look inside room #6. Additionally, with a lockpick skill of 8+, you can break into room #4 and grab an envelope containing $200 on the desk inside.

Once you reach Ground 0, use the key to get through the back door inside the "Employees Only" room. A set of stairs will bring you up to a hidden studio where you'll immediately be attacked by the same beasts you saw on the horror tape at Isaac's. Move through the studio, being careful not to aggravate too many of the creatures at one time. In the second room, you can grab yourself two Morphine Bottles - one in the bathroom area and another near the heart-shaped bed. Descend the next flight of stairs where you'll witness a man get attacked by one of the demonic creatures behind a window. If you have a lockpick skill of 10+, you can go directly into the room where you witnessed the bloodbath. Otherwise, you'll have to go through the door at the end of the hall marked "DMP".

The creatures continue to attack unexpectedly, but press on until you reach a Death Mask Productions employee cowering by some boxes. Talk with him to learn that DMP didn't actually make the snuff film, it was stolen from a "creepy house on the hill" and they simply copied and distributed it. Before you can say much more, though, a creature attacks the man and kills him. The next room offers you an alternative way through an air duct into the previous room that was locked down tight. On the table in this room, you'll be able to grab the Horror Tape Part 2 for two points of Experience.

Backtrack through the studio the same way you came, but prepare to kill a few more of the creatures before you can exit the place. Once you're outside, pay another visit to Isaac and give him the second half of the film. This will get you two points of Experience and a Masquerade Redemption. The cutscene you're shown this time includes a beginning that allows Isaac to identify the house where the film was created. Isaac believes that the house is on King's Way and that the creatures are being used to "hound" the Nosferatu and keep them trapped in the sewers. Essentially, ou will need to confront the film's creator to gain access to the Nosferatu, which is all part of the Going the Way of Kings quest.