Attention Whore
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This quest is activated when you ask for work when speaking to Skelter, the guy at the top of the stairs in The Last Round bar. He'll tell you about a Toreador Ghoul named Patty that is causing unnecessary attention to herself that may end up attracting Vampire Hunters - and nobody wants that. Skelter will ask you to make her "disappear" to preserve the Masquerade.

Patty is the annoying Ghoul just inside Club Confession, and that's exactly where you'll find her now. Speak to her and tell her that you've found Kent Alan Ryan, her master. If you have enough Persuasion, you can convince her that Kent left for San Diego for some business deals he had to act fast on. This will get rid of her without any bloodshed. Otherwise, you can tell her that you saw Kent out in the alley and she'll go outside to find him. Take this opportunity to drink every ounce of blood in her body. One final method of getting rid of Patty can only be utilized if you've dealt with Pisha during the Necromantic quest. Sending her down into the depths of the hospital obviously makes her Pisha's next fleshy victim.

Dealing with this quest using the second or third methods will cause you to lost a point of Humanity and may or may not result in a Masquerade Violation if you get caught killing her. However, as soon as she is dispatched of, you will receive a point of Experience and a Masquerade Redemption, so any violation will be null. Returning to Skelter and telling him the "good" news nets you another point of Experience.