Kuei-jin Ending
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Prince LaCroix had his chance, the Camarilla didn't try hard enough to get your support, and you feel that Ming Xiao is a true leader. At the completion of the Out For Blood quest, tell the cab driver that you want to side with the Kuei-jin and he'll drop you off at the Golden Temple in Chinatown. Ming Xiao is pleased to see you and welcomes you as her champion. After a short conversation, she will send you to the Ventrue Tower to take care of LaCroix once and for all.

Once you have finished taking care of LaCroix, as per the LaCroix Must Die! section, Ming Xiao will enter his penthouse and order him beheaded by one of her henchmen. Instead of becoming the champion she promised, though, Ming Xiao instead fears you so much that she has you tied up to the Ankaran Sarcophagus and dumped into the ocean. Not the ending you were hoping for, most likely, but congratulations on finishing the game anyway!