Malcolm's Affair
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This little money maker is available to you whenever you first visit the Medical Clinic in Santa Monica, which will most likely be during the The Pain of Being Mercurio quest. When you gain access to Dr. Malcolm St. Martin's office, log into the 'email' application on his computer (password: panacea) to find three emails from a woman named Paige that is obviously sexually involved with Dr. Malcolm. A fourth email reveals that the sly doctor also has a wife at home.

You'll find Malcolm just down the hall from his office in Room 3. When you enter conversation with him, you're given the option to confront him about his affair. He instantly goes on the defensive, but gives in to your blackmailing ways when you threaten to forward Paige's email to his wife's address. You're guaranteed to get $75 out of the guy, but with a little Intimidation you can press him for $150. Not bad for about one minute's worth of work, eh? Check your mailbox during the next visit to your Haven to claim your cash.

Note: This encounter will not appear in your quest log.