Secondary Quest: Spirits of Aranna
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At various places during your journey, you'll meet up with isolated spirits. However, if you try to speak with them, you'll receive the message, "You cannot currently understand the spirit. Perhaps Mage Lyssanore in the town of Aman'lu can give you a clue of how to communicate with the dead."

You'll meet up with Mage Lyssanore in her magic shop in Act Two (Aman'lu, #1). After completing the secondary quest A Dark Ohm for her, she'll teach you the chant of the dead (Chant 25), which will allow you to speak with spirits. Then when you speak with any spirit, you'll trigger the quest.


There isn't a lot to do in this quest. You'll just need to track down 18 spirits and put them to rest. Spirits can be found in all three Acts, but they won't do a whole lot. You'll just need to talk to the spirit, and that will put it to rest.

Most of the spirits will drop things for you when they leave. Early in the quest, you'll probably find the rings spirit of rest and spirit of unrest, and then the last spirit will drop amulet spirit of repose, plus a few other odds and ends, and that will complete the quest.

Note: Because chants carry over in the higher difficulty settings, if you're playing in "veteran" or "elite," you can start working on this quest right away rather than waiting until after A Dark Ohm.

Here are the locations of the 18 spirits:
  1. The Lost Valley of the Azunites, #1
  2. The Hak'u Caves, #1
  3. N/W Greilyn Jungle, #17
  4. Eastern Greilyn Beach, #3
  5. Eirulan, #7
  6. The Temple of Xeria, #8
  7. N/W Greilyn Jungle, #14
  8. The Snowbrook Haven Servants' Quarters, #3
  9. Arinth's Ravine, #5
  10. Aman'lu, #2
  11. Aman'lu, #7 (in the cellar beneath the house)
  12. The Garden of the Ancients, #6
  13. The Eastern Plain of Tears, #8
  14. Kalrathia, #1
  15. The Upper Mines of Kaderak, #8
  16. Darthrul, #2
  17. An Ancient Chamber, #7
  18. Zaramoth's Horns (Part Two), #1