Secondary Quest: Dire Wolf

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You'll receive this quest from pet merchant Neda in the Eirulan pet shop (Eirulan, #13), if you tell her you seek a pet "with great power."


Neda will tell you to seek out Rokhar the Mage, who can be found in Eirulan's Great Hall (Eirulan, #11). Rokhar will agree to summon a dire wolf for you, but he'll tell you that he'll only be able to perform the ritual at a special rift site in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle (#1). After giving you some convoluted directions to the rift site, Rokhar will leave for the site in anticipation of meeting you there. You don't have to hurry after Rokhar; he'll wait indefinitely.

At the rift site, Rokhar will tell you that you'll need to protect him from nawl beasts -- and possibly a Morden-Gral mage -- while he performs the ritual. We've never seen a mage appear, but at the end of the conversation with Rokhar, nine level 10 nawl beasts will jump out of the rift and attack you. Once they're dead, a tame dire wolf will appear, and then, once you've spoken to Rokhar again, he and the dire wolf will leave for Eirulan.

After completing the ceremony, when you return to Neda in the Eirulan pet shop, she'll reward you with a few items, and she'll allow you to buy dire wolves from her shop.

1 - Rift Site