Secondary Quest: Arinth's Legendary Staff
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Eolanda the Combat Mage will give you this quest, provided you visit her in her house (Aman'lu, #10) and agree to listen to her story.


Eolanda will tell you about an elven sorcerer named Arinth, and she'll ask you to find the three pieces of his staff so that she might reassemble them. Each piece can be found in an Ancient Elven Reliquary, and in each reliquary you'll need to speak to a spirit to unlock the chest containing the piece. That is, you won't be able to do much in this quest until after you've completed the quest A Dark Ohm.

Here's where you can find the three pieces of the staff:
Once you've collected the pieces, Eolanda will combine them together to form Arinth's Staff, which she'll then give to you. Eolanda will warn you not to bring the staff to Arinth, but that's actually a useful thing to do. See the secondary quest Arinth the Mad for details.