Primary Quest: The Temple of Xeria

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In the first part of the quest, you'll need to kill all of the plagued soldiers in the Temple of Xeria. This should be straightforward, as the soldiers in the temple are the same as the ones you've been fighting in Windstone Fortress. Most of the soldiers can be found right next to the Azunite statue (#1), but you'll also encounter some in the rooms to the east and west. Once the soldiers are dead, clicking on the statue will unlock the doors to the north (#2), allowing you to make your way to the exit from the temple (#3).

In the second part of the quest, you'll need to find and destroy one of those large soul shards, like the one you destroyed when leaving the Eastern Greilyn Beach. The soul shard is right outside the exit from the temple, but you'll quickly discover that it is being protected by a three-headed giant trilisk. The trilisk is sort of a pain. Its tail can do area-affect damage (and it'll probably land right where your spellcasters are standing), one of its heads (Vitalus) can cast a healing spell that will completely heal all three heads, and the other two heads will breathe poison.

To kill the trilisk, first concentrate your attacks on the Vitalus head (the middle one) to prevent it from casting its healing spell. Then just drink potions as necessary -- and activate as many powers as possible -- until all three heads are dead. Once that happens, the trilisk will explode, dropping some good items onto the ground, and you'll gain the ability to attack the soul shard. It won't take long to destroy the soul shard, and when it shatters, you'll gain access to a portal that will take you to Aman'lu (and Act Two).