Secondary Quest: Viperclaw
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Eumenidie will give you this quest when you talk to her in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #9).


Eumenidie will ask you to bring her three items -- jagged arrowheads, a griffon feather, and an onyx fragment -- so that she might create a special enchanting reagent called the viperclaw. None of the items that you'll need to collect are quest items; they're just regular enchanting reagents that you'll find during your travels, or find for sale in shops.

However, there are three places where you're guaranteed to find the items:
  • Jagged Arrowheads: At the southern edge of the water in the Aman'lu Hills (The Aman'lu Hills, #1)
  • Griffon Feather: On the northwestern isle in the Elen'lu Isles (The Elen'lu Isles, #3)
  • Onyx Fragment: In a small cave in the Vai'kesh Forest (The Vai'kesh Forest, #6)
Once you've collected the items and given them to Eumenidie, she'll reward you with the viperclaw, an enchanting reagent that can add a lot of damage to ranged weapons.