Secondary Quest: A Dark Ohm

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You'll receive this quest from Mage Lyssanore in the Aman'lu magic shop (Aman'lu, #1).


Mage Lyssanore will inform you that if you can eavesdrop on a Vai'kesh cultist ritual, then she'll likely be able to extract from it the words necessary to speak to spirits. You'll find such a ritual in a cave in the Vai'kesh Forest (#1). When you open the door leading to the back room of the cave, a brief cut scene will ensue, and watching it is all you'll need to do to eavesdrop on the ritual (that is, fighting the Vai'kesh in the room is optional). Then when you return to Lyssanore, she'll teach you the chant of the dead (Chant 25), and the quest will end.

1 - The Ritual Cave