Secondary Quest: The Morden Riders

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East of the city of Darthrul, you'll run into two Morden riders and a creature called a Klask (#1). However, unlike like similar creatures you might have met previously, they won't want to attack you. Instead, they'll want to talk about neo-Azunite revivalism and more -- much more -- but eventually they'll give you this quest.


The Morden riders will tell you that due to an ill-advised "shortcut" they took during the siege of Snowbrook Haven, they're planning on taking a vacation. The problem is that they'll need supplies for the trip, and while supplies can be found in Darthrul, if the trio steps foot inside the city, they'll be executed. So they'll ask for your assistance, and they'll give you the Darthrul supply key (Quest Item 78) to help you out.

Helping out the riders is pretty easy. Since the supply vaults (#2) are in Darthrul, and since you'll already have explored the parts of the city where the vaults are located, gathering the supplies won't take much more effort than just running to the three vaults and looting the big chests found inside.

Once you've picked up the Morden tent (Quest Item 79), the sack of Morden rations (Quest Item 80), and the pack of Klask rations (Quest Item 81), when you take them back to the Morden riders, the riders will thank you for your help, and Bruno the Klask will knock down the nearby brick wall, allowing you to travel to the abandoned temple to the east (#3) and loot the treasure chests found there.