Primary Quest: The Elen'lu Isles

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This quest is a puzzle of sorts. You'll have to collect four small prism refractor crystals (#1), place them in beam focusing devices (#2), turn the devices so that they're pointing at the Prism of the Elves (once the devices are in the right position, you won't be able to turn them any more), collect a large prism refractor crystal (#4), and then activate the prism (#5). Along the way, you'll have to fight some taclak bashers and trackers, and you'll have to activate some bridges, but nothing here should be too complicated.

Note: To activate the bridges, simply click on the archway at their entrance. If you come to a bridge and you can't find anything to click on, that means you'll need to circle around to the other side of the bridge and activate it there. The map above shows the isles with all of the bridges activated.

After activating the Prism of the Elves, return to Aman'lu. You should find Finala at the bridge there (Aman'lu, #14), and the bridge should now be fixed. When you talk to Finala, you'll complete the quest, and Finala will offer to join your party.

1 - Elite with Small Crystal

2 - Beam Focusing Device

3 - Elite with Large Crystal

4 - Prism of the Elves