Secondary Quest: Amren's Vision
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You'll trigger this quest when you approach a circle of mushrooms with Amren in your party. You can find Amren at the Aman'lu inn.


There are four circles of mushrooms:
  1. East and then north of the teleporter in the Southern Greilyn Jungle (S/E Greilyn Jungle, #10)
  2. Right next to the northern teleporter in the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (Southern Vai'lutra Forest, #5)
  3. North of the southern teleporter in the Garden of the Ancients (The Garden of the Ancients, #3)
  4. Between the two teleporters in the Eastern Plain of Tears (The Eastern Plain of Tears, #9)
At each circle, when you approach it with Amren in your party, the circle will turn into an elevator. When you approach the first circle, you'll also see a cut scene showing all four circles of mushrooms.

In the shrine below each circle of mushrooms, you'll find four things of interest: an inactive portal, a book, a big chest, and a statue. You'll need to use Amren to click on the statue.

After you've clicked on all four statues, the portal in the center of the shrine will activate. Clicking on the portal will take you to a fifth shrine, and in this one you'll find yet another big chest. However, unlike the big chests in the first four shrines, which probably gave solitary rare items, this big chest will drop a couple of unique or set items, including the bow virtuous rebellion.