Primary Quest: Restore Kalrathia's Water

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The first time you talk to Lord Kalrathia (Kalrathia, #5), he'll ask you to restore Kalrathia's water supply, which has been shut off by the Morden. To do that, you'll need to travel to the Water Chapel at the northern edge of the Northern Plain of Tears and there defeat a creature called a Ganth (#1). The Ganth is a level 34 elite with 12,500 hit points, but it's just a minor boss, and it shouldn't be very difficult for your party to kill.

Past the Ganth you'll arrive at the Water Chapel Courtyard. Immediately, a bunch of Morden will swarm to attack you, and you'll probably have a much tougher time with this battle than you did with the Ganth, so make sure you have your powers ready. Once the Morden are gone, just move to the northern edge of the courtyard and press the button there (#2). That will start the water flowing again, but the quest won't end until you've returned to tell the good news to Lord Kalrathia.