Secondary Quest: Evangeline's Folly

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You'll receive this quest if you talk to Caravan Driver Mylindril at the southern teleporter in the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (Southern Vai'lutra Forest, #8), provided that you have Eva in your party.


Mylindril will tell Eva that two soldiers and somebody named Jessic were captured during the attack on the caravan, and he'll say that the kidnappers headed to some strongholds deeper in the forest. You can find the strongholds (#1-3) in the Vai'kesh Forest and in Arinth's Ravine. You'll need to visit the strongholds from west to east (that is, in the order #1, #2, and then #3). If you do that, then when you reach the door of a stronghold and the kidnappers ask for a password, Eva will get you through the door -- one way or the other -- allowing you to go inside and rescue the prisoner there. Since the order is fixed, you'll first rescue the two soldiers and then you'll rescue Jessic.

Inside each stronghold you'll find an elite Vai'kesh jailer plus some regular Vai'kesh enemies. When you kill the jailer, he'll drop a Vai'kesh jail key, and the key will allow you to enter the prisoner's cell. To rescue a prisoner, simply talk to him. When you talk to Jessic, the quest will end. You won't get a reward for the quest, but you will find a big chest next to Jessic, and it will probably drop a couple of rare items, if not better.