Secondary Quest: The Kalrathian Nexus
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Nora the Nature Mage will give you this quest when you talk to her near the northern gate of Kalrathia (Kalrathia, #11).


Nora will tell you about the Kalrathian Nexus, and how a dark wizard has disrupted the nexus by placing a seal over it. The seal is linked to three ley lines, and to break the seal you'll need to use the power of those ley lines. Nora will then give you a soul staff and a mysterious chant (Chant 76), and she'll ask you to take the staff to three nodes of power, one for each ley line, and to imbue the staff at each node by reciting the chant there.

Here's where you can find the three nodes of power:
  1. The Node of Earth is in the Temple of Xeria, #9.
  2. The Node of Frost is in the Snowbrook Haven Servants' Quarters, #2.
  3. The Node of the Phoenix is in the Lost Valley of the Azunites, #2.
At each node, you'll need to have a character wield the soul staff, and then you'll need to move your party to the symbol in the center of the node (where you should get a message about a "magical harmonic echo") and recite the chant. If all goes well, the game will inform you that you've completed a task in the quest. The staff itself won't change.

Once you've imbued the staff at all three nodes of power, you'll need to take it to the Kalrathian Nexus in the Eastern Plain of Tears (The Eastern Plain of Tears, #1). There you'll find a seal of dark magic. To break the seal, you'll need a character to wield the soul staff and then attack the seal. After a hit or two, the seal will shatter, and you'll automatically receive the Sigil of the Kalrathian Nexus (Quest Item 90).

To complete the quest, simply return to Nora the Nature Mage. She'll combine the sigil with the soul staff to create the soul staff of the nexus, and then she'll drop some other goodies for you, completing the quest.