Secondary Quest: Rahvan's Curse

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Champion Rahvan (Garden of the Ancients, #4) will trigger this quest if you bring him four champion's death masks. You can find the masks in the Frozen Crypts in the northern part of the region.


Champion Rahvan will tell you of the lich Letiso, and how it claimed him and his three brothers. He'll then ask you to destroy the lich, and to bring back to him his soulstone so that he can be free of the lich's curse. To help you out, he'll give you a mysterious chant (Chant 75), which you can use to open the door to Letiso's inner sanctum.

Letiso's inner sanctum is in the Azunite Catacombs. You'll recognize the entrance to the sanctum because on the floor next to it you'll find the Azunite symbol of death (#2). If you perform Rahvan's chant while standing on the symbol, then the door to the sanctum will open, allowing you to face Letiso (#3).

Letiso is a level 30 elite, but he has less than 3000 hit points, and he should go down very easily (in fact, Letiso is so easy that we suspect he's either broken or unfinished). When Letiso dies, he'll drop several good items for you, and you'll also receive Rahvan's soulstone (Quest Item 62). Then when you give the soulstone to Rahvan, he'll drop some more good items for you, including Rahvan's Fist, and the quest will end.

1 - Elevator to the Azunite Burial Grounds

2 - Azunite Symbol of Death

3 - Letiso