Secondary Quest: The Kithraya Hive

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You'll receive this quest from Tamari in the Terrace of the Falls in Eirulan (Eirulan, #8).


To complete the quest, you'll need to kill the Kithraya Hive Queen (#1). You can find the queen in the Lower Kithraya Caverns, in a tunnel near the exit to the Eastern Greilyn Beach. The queen is a level 15 elite with over 6,000 hit points, but there's a good chance that you'll be able to fight it without any other Kithraya beasts joining in, and so the queen should be relatively straightforward to defeat. When it dies, it'll drop the severed head of the Kithraya insect queen (Quest Item 16).

The queen probably won't drop any good equipment when it dies, but you'll be able to loot several chests and egg sacks in the Egg Chamber, and then when you show the severed head to Tamari, she'll drop a few items for you as well.

1 - Egg Chamber


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