Location: Eirulan

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1 - Prison

This is where you'll start out in Eirulan. To get out of your cell, either click on the cell door or on the dryad guard just outside. Eventually, you'll encounter prison warden Celia. Amren will convince her to let you go free, but Celia, still skeptical, will give you the Prisoner of War quest. After that, the dryad guard will open up your cell and give you some basic equipment, including a few potions and spells.

2 - Apprentice Telinu

Apprentice Telinu will give you the secondary quest The Armorer's Apprentice.

3 - Enchantress Lumilla

Enchantress Lumilla will give you the secondary quest Lumilla's Salve.

4 - Restricted Lifts

You won't be able to use these lifts while you're considered a prisoner of the dryads. That is, you'll first need to complete the primary quest The Morden Towers.

5 - Inn

You'll find several noteworthy people at the inn. On the main floor you'll meet Lady Levreth, who is involved in the quest A Servant's Haunt, Part Two, and a grizzled bar patron, who will give you the quest Xeria's Temple. Also, in the storage room behind the bar, you can pick up the book The Hak'u (Book 2).

Upstairs, you'll find Innkeeper Leni, who can "store" your pets and companions for you, and who can increase the size of your party (for a price, of course). Near Leni, in one of the rooms, a soldier named Jordhan will offer to trade you a lucky statuette of Xeria for some red meat. This is a part of the quest Lelani's Sorrow.

6 - Fenella

Fenella will offer you a bottle of elven wine for something that can cheer up her daughter Challe (#6a). This is a part of the quest Lelani's Sorrow.

7 - Spirit

This spirit, like just about every spirit, is involved in the Spirits of Aranna quest.

8 - Tamari

Tamari will describe to you in great detail a trip she took to the Kithraya Caverns, and the giant insect she found inside. If you agree to help her, then you'll receive the secondary quest The Kithraya Hive.

9 - Open Bridge

To close the bridge, you'll need to circle around to its northern side and then pull the lever there.

10 - Infirmary

The people in the infirmary are involved in the quests The Hak'u and The Hak'u, Part Two.

11 - Great Hall

There are a few people and objects of note in the Great Hall. Near the entrance you'll meet Taar, who will offer to join your party after you've completed the quest The Plague. Down in the lower section, you can also talk to Rokhar the Mage, who is involved in the Dire Wolf quest, and Historian Arisu, who can give you background information on a variety of topics.

Finally, you can pick up a couple of books in the Great Hall: the Tome of Smithing (Book 1), which is required for the quest The Armorer's Apprentice, and The Mothers of Eirulan (Book 3).

12 - Arianne

Arianne will give you the quest Taar's Investigation, but only if you have Taar in your party.

13 - Pet Shop

In the pet shop itself, you'll meet pet merchant Neda, who will give you the Dire Wolf quest if you tell her you seek a pet "with great power." In the room above the shop, Laenne, a dealer in "antiquities," will hire you to fetch the Lost Sapphire of the Elves from the Elven Shrine in the Western Greilyn Jungle (N/W Greilyn Jungle, #19). See the quest Secrets of the Elven Shrine for details.

14 - Lelani

Lelani will ask you to find her a "curiosity" from the elven town of Aman'lu, and in exchange she'll give you a child's doll. This is the start of the quest Lelani's Sorrow, which will span the entirety of the game.

  1. Gate to the Northern Greilyn Jungle.
  2. Gate to the Southern Greilyn Jungle. You won't be able to use this gate until you've completed the primary quest The Plague.