Location: The Elen'lu Isles

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Area Note

For more details on the beam focusing devices (#4) and the Prism of the Elves (#5), see the primary quest The Elen'lu Isles.

Also, almost all of the bridges in the area need to be activated. You can activate a bridge by clicking on the archway at its entrance. If you don't see anything to click on, that means you'll need to circle around to the other side of the bridge. The map above shows the isles with all of the bridges activated.

1 - Elite with Crystal

In these five spots you'll encounter elite taclaks. When you kill them, they'll drop prism refractor crystals (Quest Items 43-47).

2 - Elevator to a Flooded Chamber

The Flooded Chamber is a small area that is basically just there to connect two of the isles.

3 - Griffon Feather

You can use the griffon feather in the secondary quest Viperclaw.

4 - Beam Focusing Device

5 - Prism of the Elves

  1. Bridge to the Northern Vai'lutra Forest.