Location: Kithraya Caverns

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1 - Broken Elevator

If you click on the lever next to the broken elevator, the game will tell you that you'll need to find a companion who can fix things, "such as Finala." In actuality, Finala is the only companion who can fix the elevator. The elevator is a part of the secondary quest Finala's Contempt.

2 - Abandoned Tower

If you enter the tower, an elite boggrot will rise up out of the ground and attack you. Next to the tower, you can find a nettle cluster.

3 - Health Shrine

4 - Egg Chamber

This is where you'll find the Kithraya Hive Queen, a level 15 elite. See the quest entry for The Kithraya Hive for details.

  1. Exit to the Eastern Greilyn Jungle.
  2. Exit to the Eastern Greilyn Beach.