Location: The Southern / Eastern Greilyn Jungle

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1 - Nettle Cluster

The nettle cluster is a basic enchanting item, but it can also be used in the secondary quest Lumilla's Salve.

2 - A Dark, Bone-Filled Cave

If you're working on the quest Taar's Investigation, then you'll find a creature called the Garganturax inside the cave. Otherwise, the cave will be empty.

3 - Some Abandoned Ruins

At the northern end of the ruins, you'll find a chalice. If you click on it, you'll open a secret room containing a couple of baskets and a bookcase.

The ruins are also involved the quest Finala's Contempt, which you'll receive in Act Two. During the quest, Finala will discover another secret room in the ruins, and you'll be able to go through the secret room to access the Morden towers to the east (#5).

4 - Small Caves

There's a good chance that you'll find an elite Hak'u inside these caves.

5 - Morden Tower

You won't be able to access this tower until you've picked up the secondary quest Finala's Contempt.

6 - Brick

If you press the brick, a chest will rise up out of the ground.

7 - Mana Shrine

8 - Razka's Ruins

You'll find an elevator here that will take you down to an underground chamber. At the southern end of the chamber, you'll run into a door marked with an "X." The door is a part of the quest Deru's Treasure Hunt, which you'll receive in Act Two.

9 - Rokhar's Rift Site

The rift site is involved in the Dire Wolf quest.

10 - Circle of Mushrooms

When you bring Amren to the circle of mushrooms, it will turn into an elevator. See the Amren's Vision quest entry for more information.

11 - Abandoned Tower

If you enter the tower, you'll find an elevator that will take you down to a small underground room. Inside the room, you'll find a few containers to loot, plus probably an elite Hak'u to fight.

12 - Dryad Exile Colony

When you arrive at the colony, you'll find that you're too late to save the dryads, but you will be able to save an Azunite Scholar. See the primary quest The Dryad Exile Colony for details.

13 - Hrawn's Cave

If you're working on the quest The Hak'u, Part Two, then this is where you'll find Hrawn.

14 - Abandoned Tower

You'll find some barrels and a basket inside the tower.

15 - Vix

This is where you'll meet Vix. After telling you his story, he'll offer to join your party. If you refuse his offer, then he'll go to the inn in Eirulan. After conversing with Vix, the door to the west will open, allowing you to continue on towards the Kithraya Caverns.

Besides Vix, at this location you'll also find some containers to loot, two lecterns with the lesser chant of magic awareness (Chant 14) and the lesser chant of ranged awareness (Chant 17) on them, and the book The Skath (Book 6).

  1. Lift to Eirulan's southern gate.
  2. Entrance to an Underground Shelter.
  3. Elevator to an Underground Shelter. The elevator is inside a tower, and you'll only be able to open the door to the tower from the inside. That is, you'll have to use the elevator as an exit from the shelter before you can use it as an entrance.
  4. Exit to the Upper Kithraya Caverns.