Location: The Lost Valley of the Azunites

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1 - Spirit

The spirit is involved in the Act Two quest Spirits of Aranna.

2 - Cavern of the Phoenix

The cavern is involved in the Act Three quest The Kalrathian Nexus.

3 - Abandoned Tower

Inside the tower, you'll find an armor stand and a chest.

4 - Health Shrine

5 - Button and Clockwork Bridge

Pushing the button (#5) will close the bridge (#5a).

6 - Elevator

The elevator leads down to the Tomb of Agarrus. The tomb is involved in the Act Three quest The Legendary Mace of Agarrus.

7 - Clockwork Bridge

The lever that closes the bridge can be found right next to it on the western side.

8 - Light and Mirror Puzzle

You'll need to place your silver mirror on one of the statues, and then turn the statues so that the light beam matches the pattern found on the map of the lost vault of the Azunites (Map 4). This is explained in more detail in the quest entry for The Lost Azunite Artifact.

  1. Exit to an Ancient Azunite Shrine.
  2. Elevator to Some Lost Elven Ruins. The button that controls the elevator can be found on the wall north of it.
  3. Exit to the Cliffs of Azunai. The exit starts out as a rock wall, but an Ancestor of the Azunites will open it up after you've completed the primary quest The Lost Azunite Artifact.