Location: Arinth's Ravine

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1 - Password Doors

At both doors, a Vai'kesh behind the door will ask you a question. You won't learn the answer that will allow you to pass through the door until you've picked up the secondary quest Evangeline's Folly.

Note: In the stronghold beyond the eastern password door, you'll find a sanctuary door that requires a character with Melee 24.

2 - Big Chests

You'll likely find something good inside these two chests.

3 - A Frozen Vai'kesh Cave

The cave is involved in the secondary quest Deru's Treasure Hunt.

4 - Tree Home

If you press the button on the inside wall of the home, a chest will rise up out of the ground.

5 - Spirit

The spirit is involved in the quest Spirits of Aranna.

6 - Vai'kesh Grotto

You'll have to fight a Knotted Shambler here at the end of the primary quest The Vai'kesh and the Aegis of Death. Once you've completed the quest, you'll be allowed to use the portal at Exit B.

  1. Path to the Vai'kesh Forest.
  2. Portal to the Garden of the Ancients.