Location: Snowbrook Valley

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1 - Mana Shrine

2 - Rainbow Trinket

The rainbow trinket can be used in the secondary quest Tywlis' Broken Staff.

3 - Elevator

The elevator leads down to an Ancient Elven Reliquary. The reliquary is involved in the quest Arinth's Legendary Staff.

Note: There's a secret door in the reliquary. The button that opens it can be found on the platform with the spirit and the chest.

4 - Tower

At the top of the tower you'll find a lectern with the chant of magic awareness (Chant 44) on it.

  1. Stairs to the Azunite Catacombs.
  2. Elevator to an underground chamber. The underground chamber contains a couple of secret rooms, but it's not very interesting, and mostly it just serves as a route between this Frigid Cave and the Frigid Cave in the Snowbrook Foothills. You won't be able to use the elevator until you've found it in the underground chamber. (That is, you'll have to use it as an exit from the underground chamber before you can use it as an extrance.) After that, a lever will appear next to the elevator, allowing you to use it at any time.
  3. Path to the Snowbrook Foothills.