Location: The Azunite Burial Grounds / Catacombs

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1 - Azunite Symbols

Note the Azunite symbols on the floor here. They're in the order: death (dead tree), blindness (closed eye), sight (open eye), and life (living tree).

2 - Sanctuary Door

The door requires a character with Ranged 25.

3 - Lectern

The lectern contains the chaotic chant of might (Chant 42).

4 - Azunite Symbol of Death

When you step onto the symbol, you'll discover that the area around it seems to "resonate with a magical harmonic echo." That means you can perform a chant here. If you perform the mysterious chant (Chant 75) that Rahvan gave you, then the secret door to the east will open. See the secondary quest Rahvan's Curse for details.

5 - Lectern

On the lectern, you'll find the chant of purity (Chant 43).

6 - Dark Wizard of Valdis

You'll need to defeat the dark wizard to free Princess Evangeline (#7) and continue on in the game. See the primary quest Princess Evangeline for details.

7 - Princess Evangeline

After you've spoken to Princess Evangeline twice, she'll open the door to the north (#8), and she'll offer to join your party. If you refuse her offer, then she'll move on to the Aman'lu inn (Aman'lu, #2).

8 - Secret Door

9 - Sanctuary Door

The door requires a character with Nature Magic 26.

  1. Stairs to the Garden of the Ancients.
  2. Elevator between the Azunite Burial Grounds and the Azunite Catacombs. Next to the elevator you'll find four levers (they look more like pedestals). Each lever has four sides, and each side contains an Azunite symbol. In order to call up the elevator for the first time, you'll need to find the correct combination for the levers. The combination is shown in two places, both marked #1.
  3. Elevator.
  4. Exit to Snowbrook Valley.