Location: Zaramoth's Horns (Part Three)

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1 - The Archmage

You'll have to battle the Archmage in the primary quest Zaramoth's Horns. After the Archmage dies, stairs will rise up out of the ground, allowing you to continue on to the west.

2 - Agallan Obelisks

3 - Big Chest

4 - Eyes of Zaramoth

5 - Valdis

You'll have to battle Valdis in the primary quest The Final Ascent.

6 - Big Eye of Zaramoth

This Eye of Zaramoth will start out hidden under an altar, and it won't be revealed until near the end of the primary quest The Final Ascent.

  1. Stairs to Zaramoth's Horns (Part Two).
  2. Stairs.
  3. Passage.