Location: The Lower Mines of Kaderak

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1 - Locked Door

You won't be able to go through this door unless you have Vix in your party. See the secondary quest Vix's Vengeance for details.

2 - Soul Shards

You'll need to destroy these three soul shards in the secondary quest Vix's Vengeance.

3 - Big Chest

4 - Ancient Dwarven Chest

Inside this chest, you'll find the mythril stanza of the dwarven song of ore (Quest Item 89). See the secondary quest Dwarven Song of Ore for details.

5 - Elevator

This elevator leads up to a summit area where you'll have to fight a trio of Dark Wizards. See the primary quest The Mines of Kaderak, Part Two for details about the fight.

  1. Elevator to the Upper Mines of Kaderak.