Location: The Azunite Desert

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1 - Resistance Outpost

The outpost is a safe spot in the desert. Inside its fences you can talk to Captain Suzor, who is involved in the quest Secret of the Azunite Desert, and Soldier Balamar, who is involved in the quest Lelani's Sorrow. After talking to Captain Suzor, she'll run down and open the gate to the east (#1a), allowing you to move further into the desert.

2 - Broken Bridge

The only way to travel to the northern part of the desert is to detour through the resistance outpost (#1).

3 - Abandoned Tower

You'll need a character with Melee 13 to open the tower's sanctuary door.

4 - Ruined Crypt

Inside the crypt, you'll find some level 28 undead Azunites. If your party has not yet reached level 20, then you should probably leave them alone. Also in the crypt, you'll find a guardian statue. The statue will ask you a riddle, which is a part of the quest A Family Heirloom.

5 - Stelae Guardians

You'll need to defeat all four of these guardians for the primary quest Secret of the Azunite Desert. The guardians will drop the Stela of Blindness (Quest Item 17), the Stela of Life (Quest Item 18), the Stela of Death (Quest Item 19), and the Stela of Sight (Quest Item 20). You'll be able to talk to the guardian at #5a, but it won't matter what you say to him; he'll attack you regardless.

6 - Abandoned Tower

You'll find an elevator in the tower, which will take you down to an underground chamber. Inside the chamber, you'll meet Master Thestrin, who will give you the quest A Family Heirloom. Also in the chamber, on the western wall, you'll find a button which will open a up a secret room to the north. Inside the secret room you'll find some chests and urns.

7 - Mana Shrine

8 - Skeleton and Treasure

If you "talk" to the skeleton (#8), you'll find a note describing some buried treasure. After that, you'll be able to dig up the treasure in the sand pile to the north (#8a). The sand pile will reveal a chest, but it'll be a regular chest, and it probably won't have anything interesting in it.

  1. Exit to an Ancient Azunite Shrine.