Secondary Quest: A Family Heirloom

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You'll receive this quest from Master Thestrin in an underground chamber in the Azunite Desert (#1).


Thestrin will ask you to go to his family crypt (#2) and retrieve an heirloom sword from it. The sword is protected by "an ancient statue with a fondness for riddles." Thestrin will give you a hint for the riddle by telling you his family motto: "War follows in the footsteps of men, and the abstinence of peace brings evil again." You can also find the hint in your journal.

When you reach the crypt, the statue guardian will ask you a four-part question. If you get the answer wrong, then a level 16 elite called a plated twisted shail will appear and attack you. Since elites are a good source of rare equipment, you might want to get the answer wrong a few times (the shail will appear at most five times) to see if it drops anything nice for you.

The answer to the riddle is Azunai, Xeria, Elandir, Zaramoth (or AXEZ, if you like acronyms). When you get it right, the statue guardian will open the door behind it. In the room beyond, you'll find a level 30 undead Azunite archer hero, the heirloom sword, two regular chests, and one big chest.

Note: In Broken World, the undead Azunite archer hero is level 45 rather than level 30. This makes the quest stupidly difficult (the hero will kill your party members in one hit), and it means you'll either have to come back to this quest much later in the game, or else try some suicide runs to grab the sword before dying.

When you return to Master Thestrin, he'll automatically teach you a mysterious chant (Chant 15). But then you'll have a choice: to give him the heirloom sword or to keep it for yourself. If you keep the sword, then that's it; the quest will end, and Thestrin will go away unhappy. If you give up the sword, then Thestrin will reveal that the first chant he gave you would actually hurt you, and he'll give you a second, "more rewarding" mysterious chant (Chant 16).

Note: If you decide to keep the sword, then hang onto it. You'll need it in the quest A Family Heirloom, Part Two. If you give up the sword, then it's not a problem. For that case you'll be able to do the sequel quest without the sword.

1 - Master Thestrin

2 - Family Crypt