Secondary Quest: Lothar's Innocence

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Roland in the Aman'lu tavern (Aman'lu, #2), provided that you have Lothar in your party.


Roland will accuse Lothar of stealing his golden cloak and hiding it in a cave. You'll find the cave in the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (#1), and inside the cave you'll encounter a half-giant named Magrus. Magrus looks a little like Lothar, and he'll be wearing a yellow cloak, but after talking to him briefly, he'll disappear and leave behind an elven house key (Quest Item 48).

You'll find Magrus in his house (#2), which the elven house key will unlock. But this time when you talk to him, he'll decide to fight you rather than run. After beating on him for a while, Magrus will surrender and give you Roland's golden cloak (Quest Item 49), and then he'll leave for the Aman'lu tavern.

At the Aman'lu tavern, Magrus will explain to Roland what happened, and Roland will reward you with a few random objects.