Primary Quest: The Kalrathian Rebellion
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This is a pretty short quest. Lord Kalrathia (Kalrathia, #5) will finally decide that it's time to rebel against the Morden, and he'll ask you to help out. To complete the quest, all you'll have to do is kill the 30 Morden soldiers in the city.

Some of the Morden can be found in the main courtyard, but you'll find others hiding up on the walls. So use your overhead map to look for red dots, and then kill all of the Morden you find. It doesn't appear as though any quest NPC can be killed, so you don't need to hurry to complete the task.

Once you've killed the Morden, return to Tehruth (right next to Lord Kalrathia) to complete the quest. Tehruth will give you the Morden teleporter activation stone (Quest Item 83), and Lord Kalrathia will give you the Aegis of Sight (Quest Item 84).