Primary Quest: The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part Two

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The Snowbrook Haven Commander (#1) will give you a series of tasks:

A) Defeat the three brall (#2) who are bombarding the keep. You'll need to travel through the interior of the keep (via Exits A and B) to reach the ramparts where the bralls are hiding, but once you've gotten up there, you'll be able to activate an elevator (#3) to make the trip much shorter.

B) Meet the commander at the north gate (#4). When you talk to the commander, about a dozen Morden will crash through the gate and attack.

C) Defeat the dragon. You'll find the dragon at the ballista tower (#5). The dragon will fly around out of reach of your weapons and spells, and so you'll only be able to damage it using the ballista. You should notice two gears at the base of the ballista. Clicking on the gear to the right will turn the ballista to the right, clicking on the gear to the left will turn the ballista to the left, and clicking on the ballista itself will fire it. The dragon will perch at various locations surrounding the tower, and you'll need to aim and fire the ballista in order to damage it.

This is one of the most difficult battles in the game. Not only will you have to deal with the dragon and its fire attacks, but after you've hit it three times, the Morden will start flinging Durvla onto the tower, and you'll have to fight them as well. So you should save your game before fighting the dragon, and you should create a town portal nearby so you'll be able to jump right to your corpses should your party get wiped out.

Here are a couple strategies that might help you out. The dragon only uses fire attacks, so if you can protect yourself from fire (such as by using the "spirit embrace" nature spell), that can help. The dragon's attacks can damage the ballista (and its gears) for short periods of time. So you shouldn't stand right next to the ballista, or else the dragon might hit it while aiming for you. You don't really need to attack the durvla too much. The dragon's attacks will pretty effectively take them out. Instead, you should watch the dragon carefully, and hit it with the ballista as quickly as possible once it has picked out a place to perch. (You won't be able to hit it while it's flying.)

Still, there's a good chance your party will end up mostly dead (or unconscious) by the end of the battle. So you should concentrate on keeping your fighter alive by having it run around to avoid the dragon attacks and the occasional Durvla, and then have it make a beeline for the ballista whenever you have a chance to damage the dragon. It'll take eight ballista shots to end the battle.

Note: As of version 2.2, if you save your game in the middle of the battle with the dragon, and then exit your game, that will break the battle, and you'll need to use a backup save.

After the battle with the dragon, the commander will come up to the ramparts (#6) to congratulate you. She'll give you the Snowbrook Haven reliquary key (Quest Item 65), which will allow you to enter the reliquary (#7), but then she and her men will become infected by a soul shard, and you'll have to fight them.

Inside the reliquary, gaining the Aegis of Blindness (Quest Item 66) (#8) is easy enough, but when you head for the teleporter at the end of the hall (#10), the dragon (#9) will re-appear and show you that it's not quite dead yet. This battle with the dragon is more straightforward than the previous one, and since the dragon will use fire attacks against you again, you should have a relatively easy time defending yourself (assuming you did something to bump up your fire resistance at the ballista tower).

After the battle, the dragon will drop some random loot for you to grab, and the Azunite Scholar will once again make an appearance. The scholar will tell you to head for the town of Kalrathia, where he'll claim that you can find another Aegis, and he'll give you the Kalrathia teleporter activation stone (Quest Item 67), which will allow you to jump to the town using any teleporter (such as the one at #10). The quest (and the Act) will end once you've traveled to the town and spoken to Lord Kalrathia there (Kalrathia, #5).

1 - Snowbrook Haven Commander

2 - Brall

3 - Elevator

4 - North Gate

5 - Ballista Tower

6 - Ramparts

7 - Reliquary Door

8 - Aegis of Blindness

9 - Dragon Rematch

10 - Teleporter

  1. Entrance to the keep interior.
  2. Exit from the keep interior.