Secondary Quest: Deru's Treasure Hunt
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You'll receive this quest from Prospector Albain in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #12), provided you have Deru in your party when you talk to him.


Albain will tell you that he hasn't had much luck being a prospector, and that he hasn't been able to figure out the clues on his treasure map. He'll even go so far as to call the treasure map a "parchment of lies" and say that he's ready to retire and become a barkeep instead. As a result, if you ask him for it, he'll gladly give up his prospector's key (Quest Item 40) and his prospector's map (Map 6).

If you look at the map, the "X" spot should look familiar, as it's located at Razka's Ruins in the Southern Greilyn Jungle (S/E Greilyn Jungle, #8). If you go to the ruins, you'll find an elevator there, which will take you down into an underground chamber. There you'll find a door marked with an "X," which the prospector's key will unlock. In the rooms beyond, you'll find some containers to loot, plus a big chest containing a silver riddle-inscribed key (Quest Item 12) and Razka's Riddle (Book 5).

This first riddle reads, "Use the key in the frozen heart of the corrupted forest." You'll come across the "heart" -- actually a cave -- in Arinth's Ravine (Arinth's Ravine, #3). In the back of the cave, beyond a locked door (which you'll need the silver riddle-inscribed key to unlock), you'll discover another big chest. The chest won't contain the treasure, but it will provide you with a golden riddle-inscribed key (Quest Item 56) and Razka's Second Riddle (Book 29).

The second riddle reads, "Seek water in the heart of the desert." You'll discover the water in a Magical Oasis in the Northern Plain of Tears (The Northern Plain of Tears, #8). At the oasis you'll encounter yet another locked door (which you'll need the golden riddle-inscribed key to unlock), but beyond it you'll finally find the promised treasure chest. The chest will likely contain at least one unique or set item, but it won't provide an abundance of riches. Deru will sound sort of disappointed, but that's how the quest will end.