Secondary Quest: The Hak'u, Part Two

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You'll receive this quest when you talk to Hesla in the Eirulan Infirmary (Eirulan, #10) to complete the first part of the quest.


Hesla will ask you to wipe out the Hak'u, but Tanzi will counter that the Hak'u usurper is at fault, and that killing him alone would end the threat. That gives you a choice for how to proceed, to either follow Hesla's or Tanzi's advice.

Regardless, you should first head to a Small Cave in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle (#1). There you'll find Hrawn, the Hak'u who rescued Tanzi in the first part of the quest. Hrawn will tell you what's happened, how a usurper has wrested control of the Hak'u away from his father, the legitimate high priest, and how the usurper has aligned himself with the Morden and is now leading the Hak'u astray.

If you decide to kill Hrawn anyway, then the high priest (an elite) will appear, and you'll have to fight the Hak'u in the cave. When the high priest dies, he'll drop a Hak'u Headdress (Quest Item 11), and then when you return with the headdress to Hesla, she'll reward you with an assortment of good items, and the quest will end.

If you decide to support Hrawn, then the high priest will appear, and he'll tell you where to find the usurper -- behind a "wall near Elf place that Dryad likes." That is, you can find the usurper west of the Elven Shrine in the Western Greilyn Jungle (#2).

Of course, the usurper won't be happy to see you. As soon as you enter his "room," he and his cohorts will attack. The usurper is a level 14 elite with over 3000 hit points, so he'll take a while to kill. So concentrate on the other Hak'u first, and then have your party focus on the usurper when he's the last Hak'u standing. When the usurper dies, he'll drop a Hak'u Headdress (the same one the high priest would have dropped, if you had killed him instead).

Then when you return to Hesla, if you tell her what happened, she'll reward you with some items plus a skill point. Better yet, if you return to Hrawn and the high priest, the high priest will give you a handful of items as well. So clearly the best option in this quest is to side with Hrawn and kill the usurper.