Primary Quest: Windstone Fortress

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Note: Inside the Windstone Fortress Vault, you'll find some hexahedrons and sockets that you'll need to bring together in order to open some doors. This shouldn't be tricky, but if you get stuck, please refer to the map entry for the Windstone Fortress Vault.

When you reach Windstone Fortress, you'll find Captain Dathry (#1) at the northern end. When you tell him that you've come with the Azunite artifact, and that you'll need to get into the vault (#2), Dathry will give you the Windstone Fortress outer vault key (Quest Item 24), and he'll tell you to seek out his lieutenant, who has the other key that you'll need.

The lieutenant is inside the vault (#3), but you'll find that he's been corrupted by the plague, and so you'll have to kill him to gain the Windstone Fortress inner vault key (Quest Item 25). The inner vault key opens the door at #4.

Past the inner vault door, you'll find the font of Azunite fire (#5). Clicking on the font will provide you with the activated Azunite artifact (Quest Item 27). Then you'll just need to talk to Captain Dathry and enter the Temple of Xeria (north of Dathry) to complete the quest.

1 - Captain Dathry

2 - Outer Vault Door

3 - Lieutenant Namyek

4 - Inner Vault Door

5 - Font of Azunite Fire